Finding the perfect opportunity is key to success

We are working with a network of developers, entrepreneurs, banks and other institutions to find the best investable opportunities across Alabama. We are also working with local officials and community leaders to steer opportunities toward the places that need them. By working together, we can achieve success for all involved and make a positive impact.

The Benefit to You

As a project sponsor, there are two major ways to benefit from Opportunity Zones. If you have capital gains, you can deploy those gains to your own project through your own Opportunity Fund and receive some very favorable tax incentives  for doing so. For those without gains, third-party Opportunity Funds can provide you with access to capital – potentially on favorable terms for you, if you have the right opportunity for investment.

At Opportunity Alabama, we can help you pursue either path by showing you how to create your own Opportunity Fund or introducing you to third parties with capital. Whether you’re growing a business in an Opportunity Zone, developing a project, or listing land, submit your opportunity to find out how we can help.

Does my project qualify?

There are two major categories of potential OZ opportunities:

Just about any real estate development could qualify for Opportunity Fund investment, but only if the project meets certain statutory tests, like:

  • Was the project acquired after December 31, 2017?
  • Is the project in the Opportunity Zone?
  • Will the investment create a “substantial improvement”?
  • Can the cash raised be spent within 31 months?

Under existing guidance, raising capital for active businesses is trickier than raising capital for real estate. Questions to consider include:

  • When did a business acquire most of its tangible property? (70% or more must have been acquired after December 31, 2017)
  • Where was the tangible property owned by the business used? (70% or more must be used in the Opportunity Zone)
  • How much of the business’s revenue comes from its operations within the Opportunity Zone?
  • How much of the business’s intangible property is used in the Opportunity Zone?
  • How much cash does the business typically keep in reserves?

Our Resource Center has additional information to help you decide whether your project qualifies, but we encourage you to submit your project now through our partner (the Opportunity Exchange) if you believe you have a viable one for an Opportunity Zone.

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How OPAL Can Help

Understanding the Opportunity Zones Landscape

We will work with our partners to navigate you through the full OZ process from ideation to implementation.

Facilitating Connections

OPAL can connect project sponsors to every participant of the Opportunity Zones ecosystem to ensure your Opportunity Zone project gets off the ground.

Scaling Impact

We help measure a project’s performance towards achieving equitable outcomes and then work to scale its impact, making it more attractive to potential investors.

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How OPAL Can Help