Hekmat Aboukhater

Hekmat is Opportunity Alabama’s Head of Data Analytics & Underwriting. He manages OPAL’s data and funding pipelines across Alabama’s 67 counties. His work  consists of validating the demands of different partner communities through data aggregation, analysis, and regression while also building the Opportunity Alabama Fund model, and underwriting its potential projects. 

Working with data aggregation software such as ESRI, CORI, Mastercard Retail Insights, and Placer.ai, and data manipulation software such as Tableau and R, Hekmat is able to tell the forgotten stories of rural Alabama through data; stories that at a first glance seem somber and unforgiving, yet at a deeper examination are clearly promising and ripe with potential.

Hekmat is a 2020 Venture For America fellow where he plans to grow his entrepreneurial skills and start-up expertise in preparation for the day he launches his own initiative. 

Prior to Opportunity Alabama, Hekmat earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Boston College. As a Syrian American, Hekmat’s mix of cultural and lived experiences define his desire to both give back to the country that welcomed him as an immigrant as well as create something that serves to alleviate some of the world’s numerous shortcomings.