Alvaro Ortega

Alvaro is Opportunity Alabama’s Director of Engagement & Impact. He manages OPAL’s engagement with communities in Alabama’s 67 counties. That consists of building and maintaining relationships with community stakeholders, conducting community needs surveys, creating marketing materials, and determining the viability of projects in those communities. Once projects have a developer or investor attached, Alvaro also conducts impact assesments to measure the effect that project will have on the community and how that impact could be improved. He currently leads another initiative called the Rural Opportunity Zone Initiative (ROZI). ROZI is Opportunity Alabama’s playbook for how organizations like ourselves can better engage with smaller communities and how they can assist communities to use the OZ incentive to be a driver of impactful development. Alvaro also leads Opportunity Alabama’s marketing and communications, which includes social media and our monthly newsletter. If you haven’t yet signed up for our newsletter, sign up here!

Alvaro is a Venture for America fellow. Prior to Opportunity Alabama, he was a student at Tufts University, where he studied International Relations. He has worked at several levels of government, having worked for a Governor in Massachusetts, a Councilwoman in Boston, and a Mayor in Miami. He has a strong passion for startups and how entrepreneurship can create more stable and secure societies. He loves telling stories, particularly ones that inspire empathy and challenge preconceived notions. Follow Al (as we like to call him) on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn!